The Guardian: 'Born and Raised' Texans Forced to Prove Identities under New Voter-ID Law

New law meant to combat fraud forces Eric Kennie to either change his identity or be unable to overcome burdens
Abbie Kamin of the Campaign Legal Center, a non-partisan voting rights and campaign finance organization that is currently trying to help people in Houston gain photo IDs so they can vote, said that they had been contacted by several people this week who had been turned away from early voting polling stations because they could not produce valid photo ID. She had also been made aware of many people who had decided not to vote at all this election cycle because they found the impediments just too daunting.

Kamin said she had dealt with cases where voters were afraid to go to the DPS to apply for an EIC because they had driving-related violations and feared being arrested. One older man was so determined to vote he told her he was prepared to be taken into custody, but decided against it because he was diabetic and feared running out of insulin while in detention.

“What’s happening here is that the state of Texas is using tax dollars consciously to suppress their own voters. It’s absolutely about intimidation,” Kamin said.

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