Federal Court: Wisconsin's GOP-Drawn Legislative Districts Unconstitutional (Wisconsin Public Radio)


Campaign Legal Center Attorney Ruth Greenwood, one of the lawyers who represented the Democratic plaintiffs in this case, said it was historic for a court to overturn a legislative map in a partisan gerrymandering case.

"This is the first time that a court has found that this is a violation of the United States Constitution," Greenwood said. "Within Wisconsin, it means that in the future you can't have a partisan gerrymander because this case holds for Wisconsin. If this gets upheld by the Supreme Court, if there's an appeal process, then that would mean that the test that we've developed applies to every state in the nation and so potentially dozens of plans can get struck down by partisan gerrymanders."

This piece was published on November 21, 2016 by Wisconsin Public Radio.  Listen here.

Ruth Greenwood joined the Campaign Legal Center in March 2016. Ruth litigates a wide variety of redistricting cases, with a particular focus on ending partisan gerrymandering and promoting minority representation.  Ruth also has expertise in voting rights, election administration, and youth civic engagement issues.