Family Research Council Tour Includes Stay at Trump Hotel

The Daily Beast

The Family Research Council, an evangelical Christian nonprofit and activist group, will host its “Washington D.C. Christian Heritage Tour & Summit” at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., this March, Politico reports. The summit, which includes three nights at the hotel, also offers the possibility of a briefing at the White House, as well as a private tour of Capitol Hill. Tickets start at $2,498 for a double-occupancy room.

Evangelical conservatives were a major backbone of Trump’s election campaign, and continue to support the president. Tony Perkins, the Family Research Council’s president, is a vocal defender of the administration, and Trump in turn has supported many issues important to the council’s agenda, including nominating conservative judges and endorsing a prison-reform plan backed by the religious group. 

“We shouldn’t have to wonder if the president might give special treatment or consideration of policy ideas to folks who frequent his hotels,” Delaney Marsco, a lawyer with the Campaign Legal Center, told Politico.

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