Exclusive: Trump campaign kept paying Kayleigh McEnany after White House hiring


"If she really gave the money back so quickly in May, before the FEC report was filed in June, the campaign probably never would have reported that payment in the first place," said Kedric Payne, general counsel and senior director of ethics at the Campaign Legal Center, in a phone interview. "But if she did pay the campaign back, and they did report it like they're required to do, then that reimbursement should be in the FEC filings," Payne continued. "I'll give them the benefit of the doubt to explain where it is, or show it later if there was some filing mistake, but it's not clear from what I see in the campaign's filings that there was any reimbursement received for these payments." "18 U.S.C. Section 209 says you can't pay somebody from a third party to do government services," added Payne of the Campaign Legal Center. "But there's also a section in the Code of Federal Regulations barring payments to political appointees."

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