Des Moines Register: Tired of gerrymandering? Maybe you should move to Iowa


What if I told you that Wisconsin Democrats won 52% of votes cast in 2012 Assembly races but only 39% of the seats? Or that Maryland Democrats regrouped 90,000 voters so that a 20-year Republican incumbent would lose? Or that a young up-and-comer in Chicago never got a chance to take on an entrenched incumbent for Congress because the pols in Springfield protected Bobby Rush in 2001 by carving Barack Obama’s home out of Rush’s district? Increasingly, voters say such shenanigans — known as partisan gerrymandering — are not only unfair but harmful to democracy.


A September poll by The Campaign Legal Center found 71% of likely 2018 voters want the U.S. Supreme Court to set “new, clear rules” to determine when partisan gerrymandering violates the Constitution. The Court is considering just that in challenges to Wisconsin’s state Assembly maps and Maryland’s 6th congressional district. A decision is expected by June 30.

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