Daily Beast: Trump Taps Top Donors for Ambassador Posts


It is a common practice for incoming presidents to reward their most generous supporters with plum positions in government. And ambassadorships tend to be the most common outpost for the financially generous.


Larry Noble, the senior director and general counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, noted that it was a “a standard practice,” for Trump to reward donors like Evans with these types of gigs. “Often they get some of the nicer places to go that aren't necessarily the most critical in terms of our foreign policy,” Noble said.

What makes Trump unique, Noble added, is that unlike the past two presidents, he never listed the who his biggest donors were. Indeed, throughout the campaign, Trump declined to list his most prolific fundraisers, known as bundlers because they not only give money but help raise it from other donors. That makes it difficult to know the full extent to which Trump has rewarded those who helped finance his presidential campaign.

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