CBS News: How to Decide When to Announce You're Running for President


Lawrence Noble, senior counsel at the Campaign Legal Center and a former FEC general counsel, also noted that by delaying a formal candidacy, candidates like Bush and Clinton can hold off on giving the public more specific information about their financial information until they are ready to tackle all questions - something senators and governors are already doing.

"If you're not a federal office holder," Noble said, "then the longer you hold off announcing, the longer you're holding off filing a financial disclosure report."

For candidates like Bush or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the financial disclosures could raise questions they are not yet ready to tackle.

Bush's strategy could backfire, though. One possibility Noble raised is that declared candidates have the moral high ground to raise questions about Bush's pre-presidential fundraising operation.

"You may see them turn on somebody like Jeb Bush," Noble said.

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