Business Journals: Lara Trump at forefront of 'Real News'


Donald Trump and his re-election team upended campaigning in a divisively digital age and now are aiming for the disruption of news.

Late last week, Trump’s campaign began broadcasting short segments on Facebook, called “Real News,” featuring anchors, chryons and the other recognizable elements of a news broadcast, The Daily Beast reports.

But this is different — it’s news produced by political staffers with Trump fans in mind.


The program's presence on Facebook has raised the question of whether it might be skirting election campaign laws requiring a disclaimer stating that content is paid for by a campaign, Brendan Fischer, the director of the Campaign Legal Center, an ethics watchdog group, told The Daily Beast.

Such a disclosure “is legally required for any other ad broadcast by the Trump campaign,” he noted, but “there is some ambiguity about when a disclaimer is required for ads posted exclusively on social media, and the Trump campaign may be trying to assert a loophole.”

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