BBC News: What happens to Jeb Bush's 'independent' campaign war chest if he loses?


And the thing about an "independent" Pac is, if Mr Bush is done, that money could go just about anywhere, says Larry Noble, senior counsel for the Campaign Legal Center, a public interest watchdog group.

"He could pretty much do anything he wants with it," says Noble, whose group has filed a federal complaint over the legality of Mr Bush's co-ordination with his super-Pac during his "non-candidacy" period. "He could turn it into a non-profit or keep it going as a super-Pac to keep his name in play."


Then again, says Noble, Mr Bush could decide to sit on most of the money, saving it for another day and another campaign. The former governor is only 62 years old. There might be another play for the presidency or some other political office in the cards.

"For the most part, these people are very reluctant to give up control over their money that could be used to help them," Noble says. "Because it really could be a formidable war chest in the future."

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