Associated Press: Finance Complaint Filed in Mississippi US Senate Campaign


A nonpartisan group says in a complaint to the Federal Election Commission that a super PAC has been improperly organizing and funding activities for a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Mississippi.

The Washington-based Campaign Legal Center filed the complaint Monday against the Remember Mississippi super PAC and Chris McDaniel's campaign fund. It asks the FEC to investigate.

Remember Mississippi raised nearly $1.1 million last year, with $500,000 coming from Richard Uihlein of Illinois, a packaging company executive who has donated to anti-union causes, and $500,000 from billionaire investor Robert Mercer of New York.


"We've never seen a super PAC take the brazen step of organizing and funding straight-up campaign events for the candidate they are supporting," Brendan Fischer, Campaign Legal Center's director of federal and FEC reform, said in a statement. "Thanks to the FEC's ineffective enforcement of the law, super PACs and campaigns have increasingly found ways to work closely with one another, but it appears this Mercer-backed super PAC went too far. If it wants candidates to take campaign laws seriously, the FEC must investigate and punish violators for wrongdoing."

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