Felony Voting Rights Restoration in Arizona


At a Glance

In Arizona, the law regarding which people with past criminal convictions can and cannot vote has been confusing. Campaign Legal Center has worked to restore voting rights to people with past convictions in Arizona by providing direct rights restoration services, empowering community leaders to understand rights restoration laws in the state, and breaking down the false notion that a felony conviction always means you cannot vote.

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About this Action

In Arizona, whether a person can vote depends on how many felony convictions they have, whether they are able to pay their fines and fees, and whether they have completed their sentence(s). Moreover, some people (but not all) who are eligible to get their right to vote back after a conviction are required to file a request to restore their right – a process that many do not know about. As a result, many Arizonans with past convictions who are eligible to vote simply do not know that they can participate.

If you are trying to determine whether you can vote in Arizona, please access our online tool here.

But a little bit of education and outreach will go a long way to assisting people to exercise their fundamental right to vote. In fall 2018, we sent Restore Your Vote organizers to Phoenix and Tucson to assist individuals with past convictions, train voter registration and re-entry organizations on the law, and support and build sustainable networks of assistance. The organizers helped hundreds of people start on the path to rights restoration and trained hundreds of community leaders and canvassers to be able to help others.

We continue with individuals and organizations in Arizona to make sure that there are resources for voting rights restoration across the state and that people know how to access them. If you are looking for additional assistance to restore your vote, please feel free to reach out to us.

If you or your organization want to help people with felony convictions through the rights restoration process please feel free to reach out or use our Activist Manual and the included materials.

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